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Many of us have grown up as kids exposed to vitamins! Basically supplements to help us stay healthy which are individually focused on different parts and systems of our bodies. So what is the “Truth about Vitamins”?


NOT!! Did you ever have a Dr. explain vitamins as a young kid to you? but, maybe you heard about them or learned a bit about them at school or on T.V. …! Yet these are essential to our well being… so now We are barely scratching the surface into their importance to us ? Mostly as we need them because our bodies tend to let us know things about ourselves to keep us going and staying healthy… much like when we dehydrate and we need water(thirst) our bodies will begin to let us know certain weaknesses occurring which brings us to Drs. or specialists who then give us more information about our bodies needs…

Ok then, if I eat right why take them? Today you can find Drs. online which focus on vitamin nutrition(and usually focused on particular parts of our system/body needs), which is really cool info, but you and I only want to get them for different reasons so this blog and my store can help you find great new products and amazing values of them to help you stay focused and not pay Drs. fees! Ha


I myself only recently started(about three years ago) to focus on vitamin nutrition to help back up my foods and diet! That is; I have started on vitamin supplements to add to my foods intake(meals). Today I have found “foods” are awesome for vitamins and the more I learn about vitamins the more I focus on nutritional foods I should be eating and try to stay away from empty calorie intake so I stay fit and (have been able to lose pounds(especially around my waist…Ha)without going on strict diets and simple exercise (like walking, when I can) and stretching!

The truth about vitamins is, “We need to learn to keep up a routine of daily intake” Many folks look for new more formidable natural vitamins(with higher mg) and you can find them here or at least have great choices to help you get healthier on a daily basis. The truth about vitamins is they can and will work to keep us healthier; but, we do need to help ourselves by choosing to keep up our intake of them so we can learn to see the value of doing so.


Heart health vitamins such as Omega-3(great for brain n heart health) come in different doses, size bottles, and from different sources..but remember when it is a gelatin capsules form you should keep them refrigerated (recommended). Don’t forget L-Arginine, this vitamin helps support a healthy functioning artery system! We know if your heart doesn’t have to pump harder we can do more, physically longer without stressing our hearts and stick around a little bit longer.. well this sounds pretty good right… cool beans to me, right!

Basic A&D vitamins can keep our immune system strong..(most everyone caught the flu but me this season!?) wow what a concept? Cod Liver Oil is very good for many of the above issues as it is fish oil..! check it out if you haven’t yet.


by now if you’re a bit older like me or wear glasses our eyes are important to us, eye exercise and Beta Carotene and Lutein are very good support vitamins(Beta Carotene is also good for our immune system).

Anyway, this blog can be very long because my truth about vitamins is all about keeping myself going to help others do the same. Again welcome and I hope you take a few minutes to check out my store, please give me feedback I would love to hear from you. Our choices of vitamin nutrition are of the best quality and price ranges to fit your needs.

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