Hello again and welcome to my blog today!

Just in case your wondering?!  I only write on my experience and things I have learned to pay attention to on getting fit!

I am still learning, “New get-fit ways n easy rules” on a daily basis! These simple easy rules are things which have helped me; to a healthy regimen to be fit in a safe and sane manner. By the way please don’t let the word regimen scare you away…LOL


Are you a Get Fit Newbie or someone who already has been steadily working out?! Be aware of “New get-fit n easy rules. Firstly, yes firstly… remember to pace yourself and stay hydrated. Also, don’t try too hard, your body will tell you when it’s break time.

A Second rule, never eat heavy greasy foods/or hard to digest leafy greens… right before “your workout!”* Take 45 minutes before you start, and try to get that bathroom need to be taken care of before you start. Your ability to push through and perform better will improve!


This includes walking(even with your dog) or to a certain destination… like the park for instance, jogging, riding a bike, hiking or even just early morning stretching, and simple home exercize like sit ups (in bed/even stretching) but on a plan-hence regimen.



New get-fit n easy rule number three; Set goals for yourself! Write them down(or keep them mentally saved). This way you can set yourself up for really profound changes quicker than you ever expected.

Example: think about losing weight, and if this is important start with one lb. per every two weeks…. you can focus on diet/nutrition first. Work rest/sleep time on a chart!  Chart your start and what to do on a daily basis.

New Get-Fit n Easy rules can make your progress go smoothly. Don’t stress this, is not good.  Stay on a steady workout and you will begin to see/and feel progress.

When starting with Weights

Remember, easy does it when starting weights! Don’t go for heavy lifting in any exercise especially if it is new to you. Always work up to your intended goal.


THINK: If you know you can lift a 50 lbs. bag of dog food at the grocery store, don’t start with 50 lbs of weights to exercise with(let’s say arm curl).

Instead, begin with 3 x of 15 reps with 15/or 20 lbs. of weights… this warms you up and helps your muscles get great strength training, then 3 x 10 reps of 30 lbs. Now on your last set that 45/or 50 lbs. is safely doable/or not!?

If nothing else you can realize to time your breaks (at least a minute/between reps). Doing this is very important and  breath in when lifting and out when releasing!  The pace is important and go slowly not herky-jerky when lifting weights.


A great new get-fit n easy rule is; If you like to take vitamins, do it early in the morning, take them with your protein drink, but remember at least 45 minutes before your workout… your tummy will thank you!

Just so you know these simple rules have helped me to lose 27 lbs safely. Cutting fat, and building muscle to keep myself more useful around the house.

Never Stop caring about yourself!

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“Healthy You Today” is my focus for a better day in your life. New get-fit and easy rules are just my way of letting you know I care enough to share!

Thank you and keep coming back, I will continue to build on my blogs with more useful information in time.